History of the Hellers Krug


The middle part of the half-timbered house was built around 1650.
The house was first mentioned in a census in 1663.
The Duke of Brunswick issued a pitcher’s decree in 1837 that irrevocably granted the right to serve beer.
The small window in the dining room is reminiscent of the debt collector of the Duke of Brunswick, who collected the taxes of the residents of Altendorf at this place.
Fritz Dauer inherited the Hellers Krug in 1954 from his aunt Minna Heller, who ran the Krug together with her brother Otto.
In 1970 the 38 hotel rooms were added in the rear garden.
Carsten-Thomas Dauer took over the business in April 2000 after completing an apprenticeship as a cook and studying hotel business administration.