Celebrations and events at the Hotel Hellers Krug

Rooms and Tables

We can offer you different rooms and table shapes for your celebration.


Counter side: max. 24 people (10+6+4+4)

Dorfstube: max. 32 people (10+10+12) or a block table with max. 22 people

Sollingstube: max 40 people (32 +4+4)
In the Sollingstube we can provide different table shapes.
(always an additional 2 x 4 people under the shingle roof possible)

  • U shape: 32 people
  • 2 long rows: 32 people
  • 1 long row diagonally 22 people
  • 1 block diagonal 24 people
  • 3 blocks: 32 people (10+8+14) (plus possibly 2×4 = 40)

Artist corner

We call the Artists’ Corner that because we collected all the autograph cards there.

Hen party

A professional photo shoot in the in-house photo studio followed by a dinner party.


Do you enjoy being outdoors, searching and puzzling? – Then we have just what you are looking for.

Funeral service

It’s not a nice occasion, but it’s good to know that you can find the right space for memories and conversations with us.