This page contains the answers to common questions.

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact reception.

Check-Out time
Your room is available until 12:00 noon on the day of departure. If you need your room longer, please contact the reception in good time.
Hotel Hellers Krug,
Altendorfer Str. 19,
D-37603 Holzminden

Tel.: +49-5531-2001
Fax: +49-5531-61266

Amateur radio
In 1989, at the age of 16, the hotel owner joined the Dt. Bundespost passed an examination and thus received permission to set up and operate an amateur radio station. With the antenna in the garden, connections can be made to all continents. So far, for example, all countries in the world have been reached on shortwave and connections have been made with the ISS space station and the late King Hussein of Jordan. Radio amateurs have helped e.g. in disaster situations: flood disaster Hamburg/Schleswig, tsunami Andamanen, snow avalanche Galltür, Hurricane Katrina, etc. Celebrities in amateur radio are e.g.: Priscilla Presley, Marlon Brando, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Carlos Menem Argentina, King Hussein of Jordan, Friedrich Merz.MdB, King of Thailand, Radjiv Ghandi
Check-In time
Your room is available to you from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival. If you need your room earlier, please contact the reception in good time.
Please ask at reception for the nearest pharmacy or emergency pharmacy.

Pharmacies are e.g. in Sollingstraße, Bgm-Schrader-Straße. Fürstenberger Strasse., Karlstrasse and Neue Strasse.

Doctor - emergency call 112
If you need a doctor, please ask at reception.

In urgent cases, hotel visits are possible. E.g. Dr. Scharffetter Tel.: +49-5531-9336-0

Or Central Emergency Practice Tel.: 0700-37603-112 (on the premises of the Evangelical Hospital)

We recommend the following destinations:

Porcelain manufactory Fürstenberg, Renaissance Castle Bevern, Pied Piper town of Hamelin, Corvey Abbey, Hermann Monument, Externsteine, Köterberg, cherry blossoms in Rühler Switzerland, Porta Westfalica, Steinhuder Meer, Ith cliffs, motorcycle and nostalgia museum Eschershausen-Wickensen

Car dealerships (selection)
Volkswagen, Skoda und Audi – Fa. Vatterott Tel.: 05531-93520
Opel, KIA und Chevrolet – Fa. Siebrecht Tel.: 05531-93100
BMW, Rover und Mini – Fa. B&K Tel.: 05531-93090
Mercedes Benz – Fa. Beinecke Tel.: 05531-12900
Car rental
e.g.: Europcar car rental, Allersheimer Str.57 (next to McDonalds) Tel.: 05531 2848
On request we can put a cot in your room for a fee. (15 Euro per stay)
Bathroom stool
On request we have a bathroom stool ready for you. Please report to reception.
Next to the hotel is the Volksbank Weserbergland. Opening hours: 8:30-16:30 ; Mon+Tue+Thu until 5:30 p.m
In the city there are also the Commerzbank (near Haarmannplatz) and the NordLB/Sparkasse (Böntalstraße).
Please report to the reception, we will recommend a florist who can possibly also deliver your order to the hotel.
A post office is only 150m away from the hotel (Sollingstraße, corner of Liebigstraße and the bakery Westbomke).
You can also hand in your cards/letters with the corresponding postage value to us.
We recommend the Schröder/Lorat company on Neue Straße (to the right of the Schwager department store). Tel.: 05531-7340 We have loan glasses in the house for “first aid”.
Please contact reception if you would like an ironing station to be placed in your room. We would be happy to iron your shirts and trousers for a small fee.
Currency exchange is possible in the Volksbank next to the hotel.
Drugstore goods
Drugstores are in the city center. If you have forgotten your toothbrush or similar, please contact the reception.
(Toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable razors, cotton buds, deodorant, perfume, hygiene items,..)
See: Internet Corner
Room service
We can also serve you all the dishes and drinks from our restaurant menu in your room during the kitchen opening hours.
We have a bike room, tools, compressor and chain oil for you. If necessary, you can use a Kärcher to remove dirt from the bike.
A bicycle shop is only 300m away from the hotel if you need one or the other accessory or spare part.
Bike rental
Please contact reception if you would like to rent a bike. Especially for groups we need a certain lead time (3 days).
Long distance calls
Please dial a “0” before the phone number to get an outside line.
Hamburg would therefore be: 0-040-etc.
We charge EUR 0.30 per unit.
The direct dial to your room is +49-5531-9367+room number
Fire - 112
In the event of a fire, please inform reception and the fire brigade immediately on 112
Telephone number: “11” or “17” or 0172-5934959
There are several fire extinguishers on each floor. Alert/wake up other hotel guests.
Please note the information on the escape route plan.
Flight information
You can print it out in our internet corner or we recommend you:
TUI TRAVELStar Reisebüro
Inh. Natascha Harsing; Obere Str. 28; D- 37603 Holzminden;
Tel.: 0 55 31-8 10 30; E-Mail:
(to be found in the pedestrian zone between Haarmannplatz and Weserbrücke, near the tourist info)
Der Struwwelpeter Inh. Bianca Halt; Weberstr. 1; 37603 Holzminden; Tel.: 05531-13434
(Pedestrian zone Mittlere Straße Querstraße near Café Lücke)
In the half-timbered house from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Sundays and public holidays from 08:00 a.m.
Lost & found
Please leave lost property at the reception.
When you leave, please take a quick look in the wardrobe and the drawers.
We send lost items freight collect.
Currency Exchange
Best in the Volksbank right next to the hotel.
… can best be described as a kind of modern scavenger hunt. In short: There are people who hide cans full of small nice things and a log book somewhere and publish the hiding place in the form of coordinates on the Internet. Others read this, remember the coordinates and use their GPS device to find the treasures. Then a little something from the contents is exchanged, the visit is lied to and the can is hidden in the same place again – for the next one. There are dozens of these caches around Holzminden. If you wish, we can lend you a GPS device so that you too can become a treasure hunter.
Luggage service
If you wish, we can help you with your luggage.
Luggage transport
On request, we can, for example, transport the luggage of cyclists to the next town or arrange for a taxi company. Hamelin, for example, costs 60 euros.
Worship churches and religious communities in Holzminden
v. Freikirchliche Gemeinde (Baptisten) (Innenstadt): Fürstenberger Str. 43; Tel.: 14 02 63
Ev.-luth. Lutherkirchengemeinde (St. Marien) (Nähe Weserbrücke): Markt 9; Tel.: 4023
Ev.-luth. St.-Michaelis-Kirchengemeinde (1000m): Michaelisplatz 1; Tel.: 76 81
Ev.-luth. St.-Pauli-Kirchengemeinde (100m vom Hotel): An der Paulikirche 12; Tel.: 4521
Ev.-luth. St.-Thomas-Kirchengemeinde (Sparenberg): Tel.: 3233
Röm.-Kath. St.-Josefs-Kirchengemeinde (300m, dem Bach folgen, am Teich links): Tel.: 40 69
Neuapostolische Kirche (100m vom Hotel, dem Bach folgen): An den Teichen 47; Tel.: 700726

You can find more information on our Internet portal at (culture/associations). The latest information is always available there.

The hotel is liable for loss of and damage to items brought in by the guests to the extent and in accordance with the statutory provisions.
Pets are welcome in our hotel for a fee. This is due to the more complex cleaning. Please ensure that your pets behave quietly and that other guests are not disturbed, at least at night. Never leave pets alone in the room!
The half-timbered house was built around 1721 and has been in the family since 1756. There is a jug justice of the Duke of Brunswick from 1837, which irrevocably grants the right to operate a restaurant. The small window in the dining room is reminiscent of the duke of Brunswick’s debt collector, who collected the farmers’ taxes. We have been serving Allersheimer Urpils since the Allersheim brewery was founded in 1854.
Internet access
WiFi is available throughout the hotel. This is free for hotel and restaurant guests.
Select the “HellersKrug” network. Open your browser with e.g. You will be redirected to our hotel website with the terms of use. If you agree, please click on “Continue”. Please ensure that you yourself comply with the necessary security measures with regard to viruses and third-party dialing into your computer.
Internet corner
An internet computer with a printer is available to our guests in the entrance of the main building. Please pay attention to your data security here as well. (passwords etc.)
If necessary, delete the history list/temporary files in Internet Explorer.
Beautiful routes are e.g. up the Altendorfer Straße to the Feldmarkt/forest areas or down along the Weser (upstream). Also ask about the “Ulrichs Teichen” at the Pipping
Please contact reception (Tel.: “11”) if you would like a second pillow.
Credit cards
We accept: Eurocheque card (ECC), Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express, Visa card
If you have forgotten your mobile phone charger, please contact us. We have various chargers ready for you.
We will be happy to serve you drinks in your room during the restaurant’s opening hours.
Sewing kit
Please contact reception if you require a sewing kit.
We have 25 free parking spaces at the hotel. Please park in such a way that nobody is blocked off.
Please keep the car park at the hotel entrance free for people with walking difficulties.
You can get a disposable wet razor at the reception for a fee of 1 euro.
Please give us your exact company address for the invoice so that it can be processed quickly in your accounting department.
Travel agency
e. g: TUI TRAVELStar Reisebüro
Inh. Natascha Harsing; Obere Str. 28; D- 37603 Holzminden;
Tel.: 0 55 31-8 10 30; E-Mail:
(to be found in the pedestrian zone between Haarmannplatz and Weserbrücke, near the tourist info)

Kitchen opening hours:

Lunch: closed*
Dinner: Mon.-Sat. 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m

Please make reservation in advance.

*Groups and events on request

Shoe shine machines
Shoe shine machines are located at the entrances of the hotel buildings.
Shoeshine utensils
You can get a shoe shine set from us at reception.
City tours – city of scents and flavors
Information is available at the reception.
We recommend the “scent tour”. There are several incense columns in the city. The starting point is e.g. the Haarmannplatz.
Socket adapter
Please ask at reception if you need an international adapter.
Some rooms already have USB sockets or with U.K. standard.
TV device
The program assignment is displayed with the “guide” button.
Taxi / Cab
e. g.

Taxi Kumlehn; Tel.: 05531-5511

Taxi Sander 05531-93440

Our fax number is +49-5531-61266 if you are expecting a fax.
Table reservations
For the Hellers Krug restaurant, call: “11”
For a fee, we will wash your laundry or you can take it to our laundry for cleaning.
Linen change
On request, the bed linen can be changed daily. Please report this to the reception.
Wake-up service
Please use the alarm clock in your room. Or program your phone with *46 followed by the 4-digit time. So wake up *460800 for 8 a.m. Hash key #46 deletes the wake-up call.
Newspapers/ magazines
We have newspapers and journals available in the restaurant.
You can get a toothbrush and toothpaste for 1 euro at the reception.
Extra blanket/extra pillow
We can provide you with an additional blanket/pillow on request.
Please call the reception (Tel. 11)